Web3 Projects

With Top Network Marketers, Crypto Influencers & 100% real Investors Worldwide, with a unique advertising concept

We are an advertising platform & collaboration hub

Bringing projects and people together with two easy ways to build stronger connections

Unlock Opportunities Beyond Advertising & Collaboration!

More than just an advertising platform and collaboration hub, Crypto Pixels offers enticing opportunities for crypto enthusiasts to earn and build fortunes

Secure Income: Two Reliable Ways

Earn steady income and solid profits through two reliable methods

Earn Passive Income
By Investing in our Billboard

Earn a consistent 10% monthly passive income by purchasing pixels on our digital billboard, rented out to Web3 projects. Plus, maximize earnings through our referral reward program.


Direct Investment
Buy Our Token on low price

Invest directly in Crypto Pixels token and capitalize on its potential for value appreciation, driven by its utility and demand in the market. Sell your tokens for profit whenever you deem fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

crypto pixels is a crypto advertisement company through digital billboard which is made up of 1 million pixels. Each pixel worth $1, providing an earning opportunity.

Each pixel on digital billboard (worth $1) is available for renting. It means users can buy pixels and rent them to the company for passive income. Company uses pixels for advertisement of projects making revenue and giving a handsome share to its stakeholders.

Our unique rewards system enable users to earn up to 300% of pixels worth they rented. This rewarding is credited by Renting rewards, referral commission and global pool system.

Crypto pixels use the rented crypto as operational cost for marketing and system development, generating revenue and sharing a handsome cut with its stakeholders